Day Night

Glow in the Dark Charm

Earth Friendly – No batteries required

Handmade in Arizona

Great for pet collars, keys, backpacks and other adventure gear

Recharges naturally in daylight and glows all night

Day Night


With enough research you would have discovered the highest grade glow in the dark now comes from photoluminescent strontium aluminate.  We have sourced for your glowing product the brightest that can be found and it is 100% safe.  Old technology renewed in sun light reminds us how fun it is to glow in the dark. It is difficult to imagine how all thing give off energy until you see the very slow release of protons that illuminate light from these special glowing charms.

These charms are washable with mild soap and water including dishwasher safe.  you would want to remove it from your pup or keys before washing.

Each charm is handmade in Arizona and the results are individually unique.

Send in your Resale certificate and i will send you a tax exempt coupon code for check out.  Only eligible for wholesale items.